European Union and Facebook Team Up To Attack Free Speech

Today, it was announced that in collaboration with the European Union, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft will be complying with a new EU code of conduct to tackle what they deem “hate speech” online following the refugee crisis and recent terrorism. EU governments have been trying to silence all forms of speech they disagree with, effectively silencing free speech as we know it. As a reminder, the executive branch of the EU forming these codes and laws are unelected by the people.

This new code of conduct will force companies who have signed up to review all valid requests for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours or disable/remove access to the content. They are also to cooperate with civil society organizations and promote “counter narratives” that the EU favours in response to hate speech, and most alarmingly, “educate and raise awareness with their users” who are deemed hateful. Of course Facebook, who is wrapped up in it’s own controversy regarding the censoring of conservatives here in the United States, is on board.

Though this isn’t unheard of, Europe has taken it a few steps further than most. In 2015, The United States worked with Twitter and Facebook to combat islamic radicalization, effectively shutting down 125,000 twitter accounts related to the Islamic State. Where Europe takes it a step further, is their already strict speech laws far surpass ours here in the US.

In 1986, The United Kingdom passed the Public Order Act, making any words or messages said or displayed that may be “insulting or abusive” within hearing or eyesight of those who would be insulted or distressed, illegal. Jail time can range between 6 months to 2 years or fines around 15,000 euros or more (depending on the offense). Let me repeat: You can go to jail for hurting someone’s feelings. Many more laws such as these exist across Europe, being strengthened even more, recently by the false song of globalism that is the European Union. This may sound nice, after all, what is wrong with wanting to protect one’s feelings? Read ‘1984’ by George Orwell to find out.

These European laws focus more on punishing their own people than protecting their rights. If you disagree with the refugee migration or your own government’s actions, you better think twice before posting it online, their “trusted network” of  thought police may be watching.

In response to this exceedingly vague code of conduct, the European Parliament has branded it as totalitarian, #IStandWithHateSpeech has been trending on Twitter with users explaining why free speech is so important, and numerous agencies for digital rights in Europe having ceased all talks with the commission, stating that it “has no confidence in this ill-stated code” and sees no value in trying to compromise.

You can read this new code of conduct here: Hate Speech Code Of Conduct

And the EU’s official announcement here: European Commission Announces Code Of Conduct

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