How The Anti-Trumpers Have Become Donald Trump’s Greatest Weapon

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“The Donald Trump train has been unstoppable during the 2016 presidential race. Much of what has helped to invigorate his support has been the unrelenting resistance from the Anti-Trump movements which began long before the first egg was thrown. It began the moment Trump uttered the words “I am officially running for president of the United States.”

The moment he labelled Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists, the media worked on the offensive angle. Many of us, including myself, thought that this would finish him — he would be unelectable. After all, many candidates have been deemed unworthy of the office for much less.

However terrible Trump’s remarks may have been to many, they meant something else to a large group of people. It resonated with a largely untapped voting block, which was not what the mainstream media expected. After various political correspondents made compelling arguments on how Trump was not presidential, his ratings grew in spite of them. With each news report on how politically incorrect Trump’s statements were, his numbers continued to grow.

The Washington Post reported:

People agree that the nation must confront the immigration issue by first securing the border and then dealing with the millions of people living in the U.S. illegally.

‘America is looking for John Wayne, and Donald Trump is proving to be John Wayne,'[Ken Crow, an Iowa tea party activist] said. ‘America is sick and tired of political correctness, and they are sick and tired of media bias destroying candidates.’ – July 2, 2015

Thus, entered the dragon – Donald Trump.”

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