White House Deception: Doctors Press Briefings About Iran Deal

It’s no surprise to the American people that the Obama Administration, who vowed to be the most transparent administration of all time,  are no strangers to lying. “You can keep your doctor.”, “It was because of a video.”, “The IRS is fair to all people.”, comes to mind. But with Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes revealing in the past couple of weeks how they deceived the American people and the media about the Iran deal, more sleight of hand is being uncovered. If you’re not caught up with Ben Rhodes and that lie, you can read it here: Ben Rhodes Admits Lying About Iran Deal

On May 9th, 2016, during a press conference with Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Fox News Journalist Kevin Yorke asked “Can you state categorically that no senior official in this administration has ever lied publicly about any aspect of the Iran Nuclear deal?”

Josh replied quickly. “No Kevin”.

Josh Earnest had just admitted the Obama administration had lied about the deal.

It doesn’t stop there. After releasing the transcript of the exchange, the White House erased the telling moment from the record. Here is how the official transcript reads:


Why did the White House not include this exchange?

A White House official told ABC news that the moment was “inaudible”.

See for yourself if this is “inaudible”: White House Busted For Scrubbing Clean Transcripts

Earnest was pressed later by The Wall Street Journal on why this embarrassing moment was removed and whether it would be restored to the record, to which Earnest replied “I think what was true at the time was, there was a little cross-talk.”

It’s still unknown what “cross-talk” he is referring to.


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