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With tomorrow being the day of the EU referendum vote, Remain and Leave are making their final push for voters. Never in Britain’s history has there been a more important vote than this. Britain’s sovereignty is at stake in a world where the false song of globalism is all that is heard. Not only will this vote affect Britain’s and the whole of Europe’s future, but it will affect the entire world’s. If the UK votes Leave tomorrow, the ball will begin to roll.

The case for Leave is strong, contrary to what David Cameron says. In a live Q&A on the BBC political show Question Time, Cameron was hammered by audience members and the host David Dimbleby on major holes in Remain’s reasons for staying for 45 minutes straight. Each question was answered in an almost Marco Rubio Meltdown-esque way robotically reciting “Leaving will hurt the economy, jobs, and opportunities for the British people”, half-handedly answering the questions. When pressed on his support for Turkey joining the EU (Something Britain’s do not want), he flipped and claimed he’d never support that decision (He did just weeks before), and claimed Turkey wouldn’t be joining for another 30 or 40 years, though the EU has been putting measures in place to speed up their process in becoming the newest addition.

You can see that Q&A here: David Cameron’s Question Time

Blatantly lying on Question Time is one thing, but Remain has stooped to levels of fear mongering that make our current American election cycle pale in comparison. Using the murder of Parliament member Jo Cox by mentally ill Tommy Mair to further their campaign, they stated it was caused by “Nationalism and extreme and violent rhetoric”, referring to Leave’s push for a sovereign UK and the end of the influx of un-vetted Muslim refugees that are causing a strain on Britain’s finances, jobs, and public health systems. Jo Cox was a supporter of Remain. David Cameron had also claimed that leaving the EU would cause World War 3.

Here are some facts on the UK’s relationship with the EU:

The UK gave 14.5 billion pounds to the EU in 2015 and received just 6.3 billion back.   

UK economic growth has shrunk to all time lows, just 2.4% in 2015, well below the expected rate of 3.1%,  attributed to heavy business regulations by the EU.

Laws passed in the UK can be overridden by the EU whose officials are appointed, not elected by the people.

The UK plans to accept up to 20,000 more refugees by 2020, with the number poised to rise as the EU continuously changes their immigration policy. With polls showing 41% of Muslims in the UK already supporting Sharia Law, You can see how that’d cause some problems for Britain.

This is an exciting time for the UK and must be thought over carefully. Countries in Europe are already poised to have their own vote on this very subject, and Britain can be the first step to dissolving a globalist organization that votes for themselves and not the people.

Numerous arguments for Leave have been formed. Here are just a few of the most important:

Milo Yiannopolous’s argument for Leave:

Paul Joseph Watson’s argument for Leave:The Truth About Brexit

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