What Brexit Means For The US

In a surprising twist of events last night, after betting 8 to 1 to lose, Leave has won the EU Referendum vote, and nationalism has taken back sovereignty for the British people. After warnings from Prime Minister David Cameron and his “experts”, leaders around the world such as President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and easily one of the most hated people on the planet: George Soros, that leaving would cause the annihilation of Great Britain as we know it, all is calm on the western front. No World War 3, no great recession, no upheaval in the streets, nothing.

To be fair, the British pound plummeted to a record low of over 40 years last night in fear of market destabilization, but is now rapidly regaining it’s worth as the market equalizes. The FTSE 100 tanked over 8.3 percent last night, but is also quickly rebounding, and has been at the position it is now over 8 times this past year before Brexit. Clearly, this is due to market fluctuation, not leaving the EU. Contrary to globalist leader’s fear mongering, this didn’t cause Armageddon.

On the upside, the UK has won back the right to steer their country in the direction they see fit. As stated in our previous article, the EU’s regulations set back the UK’s economic growth to all time lows, enforced immigration policies that endangered the lives of millions of citizens, and could veto any law put into place by Parliament if it did not reflect the EU’s goals. No longer will they bend to the will of an unelected few in Brussels.

What does this mean for The United States? Nationalism is rising all over the globe while globalism recedes. Good and honest nationalism. Not White pride, not xenophobia, not hatred, but love for your country, love for your fellow citizens, love for what your country stands for, and the right to control your destiny, not relinquish the driver’s seat to politicians.

We saw this in the UK last night and we’re now seeing it here at home. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has always stood for those positions with it’s America First slogan, while Brexit is now solidifying that atmosphere globally. American’s are responding to their tone, and if our government learns anything from the Brits, it’s this: Do not underestimate what the population wants. You cannot control the masses forever.

Nationalism is still on the rise in The United States, and this will only benefit Trump’s numbers and position, while Hillary Clinton scrambles to galvanize support for her platform before November. Brexit has changed politics globally in a way that will cause this election cycle to be more exciting than any in history.

With Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation after a crushing defeat, Britain will usher in a new power structure to better suit the people’s desires, as government was intended to do. It will be our turn at the end of this year.

Congratulations to The United Kingdom. You earned it.



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