Why Young People Need To Smarten Up Politically, Fast.

Something I thought I’d never understand with my generation is the complete disdain for political discourse, strategy, or even thought. The complete disdain for anything future based. I hear endless conversations on Drake and Rihanna’s relationship, Harambe (rip), and Snapchat, but nothing that even flirts with the realm of seriousness. We’ve been called the “me” generation, focused on instant gratification, with “long term plans” pertaining to the rest of their week, not their life. That really worries me, and should worry them.  We like to claim we’re the “most knowledgeable” generation with any fact or quote just a google search away, and that all old people are “backwards” or “in the past”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A clear indication of that was the rise of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign through the utilization of young voters. From my experience, young voters heard “free school”, “no more racism”, “equal for everyone”, and lost their illogical minds. Those things sound good don’t they? No one wants racism. Everyone wants to be equal. Well, no one seemed to ask how to make these promises a reality. Where would the money would come from? They didn’t want to, they didn’t care. They just wanted to believe. (Spoiler: The money comes from your wallet.)

Let’s start with the definition of Socialism: “A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”. Or in other words, “A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism” in the Marxist theory. Socialism, by design, is the stepping stone that inherently leads to Communism. You know, the ideology that led to Hitler? That one.

Here is the dark reality of Socialism:

Responsible for 100 million deaths in the world (via BrennerBrief)

Certain Economic collapse due to lack of incentive and free market competition (via Fee.org)

Complete sociological and cultural collapse due to market conformity (via Tom Palmer @ Cato.org)

Now doesn’t that sound nice? “Free school” sure did. Sanders cleverly left these parts out,  dressing it up under the guise of a “revolution of Democratic socialism” (which is just plain ole’ socialism), playing the adolescent desire to rebel ingrained in all young minds. Well, the ones that just haven’t developed enough to see through a complete hack. We all know how he ended, bowing to the establishment he vowed to defeat and buying a 600k summer house with campaign donations. Maybe you just didn’t believe hard enough.

Other than the mentally unhinged and politically inept following a mentally unhinged and politically inept Sanders, the majority of this generation just doesn’t seem to care, and that begs the question “Why?”. The election has never been this important in decades. You thought Barack Obama was historic? Not even close (Besides being historically terrible of course). This election decides how all young people will live their lives for possible generations. What you can and cannot say, whether a job will be waiting for you when you graduate from college, what the cultural and economic landscape of your state or even city will look like, and even who will control the internet. These are all issues every young voter should care about, and still? Nothing. The silence is deafening. For those who don’t seem to understand, let’s analyze what’s at stake other than who resides in the White House.

Supreme Court Justices: The next president of The United States will likely appoint 2 new Justices in the next 4 years, and possibly up to 3 if re-elected. Why does this matter? The Supreme Court handles almost every major decision our country faces.

Brown Vs. The Board of Education was decided by The Supreme Court in 1954, ending racial segregation in schools.

Roe Vs. Wade, decided by The Supreme Court in 1973, legalizing abortion.

Citizens United Vs. Federal Election Commission in 2010 ended restrictions against corporations spending money on political campaigns.

Obergefell Vs. Hodges  in 2015 decided that same-sex couples had the fundamental right to marriage.

But like all branches of the government, The Supreme Court is not immune to political bias. This is where your vote can make the difference. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or agree or disagree with these past decisions, the winner will appoint Justices that fit their agenda. If you support the U.S. Constitution, believe free speech should be entirely free, support your second amendment rights like 150 million other Americans, or just like your rights the way they are now, a president is one step away from overtaking The Supreme Court and abolishing what they see fit. It has happened in Europe already through the European Union, and can just as easily happen here. Research your candidate, understand their platform, and make an educated decision for our Supreme Court.

Congress: As of now, Republicans have the majority in Congress. This effectively stops the liberal agenda from ramming any legislation through as they see fit. Likewise, if Democrats had the majority, the outcome would be the same. Naturally, if your presidential candidate is doing well, down ballot elections (state Senator and Governor races) usually reflect that. This is again, where you make the difference. Decide which path you want your country to take. You may wake up with new laws you’ll have no other choice than to submit to. The spectrum varies from immigration, gun control, healthcare, job growth, to your state school systems. Each law will affect each and every one of you.

For example, in 1986 the United Kingdom passed the Public Order Act, effectively banning all “hate speech”. This was revised in the late 2000’s to include the internet and broaden the statute. Under the Public Order Act, you can be prosecuted, serve jail time, or be fined, for saying or writing anything deemed “insulting” (actually in the statute) online or in public. You can actually go to jail for subjectively hurting someone’s feelings. Imagine being fined real money for calling someone an idiot, or saying you don’t agree with a law your country has passed. That’s Hitler-esque fascism that can become a reality in your country, in your lifetime.

Washington D.C. is not a far off land. The things no-name politicians you’ve never even heard of do, will be felt for decades. I cannot stress this enough. Your vote matters. Your voice matters. Donald  Trump was not the establishment choice for the Republican party, but Republicans made their voice heard. Bernie Sanders lost his fight against his own establishment because enough people decided it wouldn’t matter, Hillary Clinton was already chosen.

This is serious. Please for the love of god, take it seriously. Take CNN, Fox News, MSNBC with a grain of salt and don’t ever swallow what they spoon feed you. Read every article you can (not just the headline) from everywhere and everyone and educate yourself. Create a blog, volunteer for a campaign, start or join a college Republican or Democrat club, and most importantly, talk to your family and friends. Talk. Talk all the time. Make politics important again. Get a coffee with a group and exchange ideas, agree to disagree, and make politics relevant in young life again. What a celebrity tweeted will not change your life for the better or worse. What you do will.

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