OPINION: Why Old Guard Conservatives Need To Adapt To The New Republican Movement

I don’t normally write full blown opinion pieces, I like to stick to current events and topics I can pull sources and evidence from to provide true information and allow the reader to make a decision. I’ve also taken a slight break from writing as I decide which topics I’d like to discuss and make my focus, such as the media and liberal hypocrisy. But recently, numerous events have really disenchanted me with the divide in factions within the Republican Party, and almost makes me embarrassed to have supported some of these people in the past.

The coordinated takedown of Breitbart’s Tech Editor and Free Speech advocate Milo Yiannopoulos by the liberal media, many neoconservative Evan McMullin fan boys such as the Reagan Battalion twitter (who endorsed him for president) and the failed CIA presidential candidate himself, really opened my eyes to the divide between the Trump team/movement (those who want to move the Conservative movement forward) and those who wish to remain on the losing side (I’m looking at you John McCain).

Regardless of how you feel about the controversy, one thing can be said about Milo that is unequivocally true. He engaged more young people than anyone who holds the conservative banner than ever before. Milo was a gay, Jewish, internet, college campus, and media sensation that said the taboo, the offensive, and the outrageous, showing that you can practice free speech and have a party doing it. No one want’s to be on the side of victimhood, the side of language police, the side that isn’t having any fun. This desire to be fun and outrageous destroyed the social stigma of conservatism for young kids and introduced a whole new generation to the ideas of free speech and conservative policies all by following Milo’s example:

Express your ideas and don’t give a damn what anyone says back. That is what free speech is about.

When Milo’s invitation to speak at this years CPAC was rescinded, I realized establishment Republicans didn’t care about free speech, they cared about their brand. They cared about the right speech, not free speech. This wasn’t over Milo’s remarks about his own experience as a victim of pedophilia. There was no conservative and media outrage when Lena Dunham admitted to molesting her sister in her book, or when George Takei promoted pedophilia.  It was about him saying offensive things that may hurt the brand, even when they’re overtly true. It was about him not being the “correct brand”. How is that any different than the language policing from the Left?

I don’t have to agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. So much for that.

Next, the Trump movement. Donald Trump was the first openly pro-gay presidential candidate in history. He’s pictured waving the LGBT rainbow flag. He addressed LGBT rights at the RNC where Peter Thiel (openly gay republican billionaire) spoke, and later joined his administration. He is a pro traditional marriage conservative, but never fell into the media trap. He spoke on it very little, stopping the “CNN: Trump’s Homophobic!” before they even started unlike Mitt Romney. He even let Caitlyn Jenner use the woman’s bathroom at Trump Tower during the campaign for god’s sake. My point is, he’s not traditional. President Trump spent his entire campaign focusing on the win, on the promises, on the policy, and abandoned the social issues in which we consistently lose.

His unorthodox media tactics and insult hurling would of made any other Republican turn pale as it’s not a “traditional” method. We always focus on taking the high road because of principles. Ted Cruz’s campaign is a perfect example of that. When facing a Democratic party who has never taken the high road, who will call you racist, xenophobic, transphobic, or just an outright scumbag, guess where the high road takes you? Loss. When you’re bullied, you must bully back. Trump has shown us that. Milo on college campuses has shown us that. If you’re dragged in the mud and aren’t willing to bring your opponent in with you, you’re the only one who looks muddy. It’s time to start being unorthodox.


The Republican Party must learn to fight. Having a message you believe is pure and in the best interest of the American people is just not enough in modern politics now. You can talk about Free Speech, Limited Government, and States’ Rights until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re not in a position of power, you can’t change the country. You must do what it takes to win first. Then and only then, can you use your principles for the greater good.

We cannot keep preaching from the pew, we must win the pulpit.

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