James O’Keefe and Project Veritas: 100+ Hours Of Hidden CNN Audio Released

James O’Keefe and his investigative journalist group Project Veritas has done it again. Releasing hundreds of unedited raw audio this morning secretly recorded by an insider at CNN headquarters from 2009.

O’Keefe addressing journalists while releasing Part 1 of his CNN tapes at CPAC 2017

O’Keefe released the information raw and unedited to allow people to sift through the damage themselves “Wikileaks style” and to take the usual ammo from the MSM, which is always: “He deceptively edits his films. He’s not honest.” Raw footage will allow no deception or misinterpretations about the words said.

#CNNLeaks has been trending on Twitter since the announcement on and off, though people have been pointing out that Twitter has been suppressing the hashtag as they did with the DNCLeaks tag.


Not much has been found within the audio as of yet in the first 24 hours, other than clear liberal biases and the purposeful misrepresentation of polling data, but with Project Veritas, they rarely disappoint. With the taking down of ACORN, the exposure into the DNC in which 2 people resigned for collusion and illegal activities regarding starting riots at Donald Trump rallies, O’Keefe and his investigative journalists are ready for their next scalp: Fake News Network CNN.

Whether this is all hype or not is yet to be seen, but I’m sure newsrooms are now on edge.

Remember, this is only part 1.

You can access the audio here to search for yourself: ProjectVeritas.com

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