NBC/WSJ Poll: Only 4 Percent Of Americans Believe The Affordable Care Act Is Working

According to new NBC/WSJ polling data taken over February 18-22, just 4% of American’s believe the ACA is working fine and needs no change. This comes after Republican town halls are in chaotic disarray as protesters and liberal activists berate Senators and Governors over their concerns, mostly Obamacare.

Image Credit: NBC News / The Wall Street Journal

Though only 28% of Republicans, 4% of Democrats, and 15% of Independents call for a total elimination of the law, all groups can agree on the need for a major overhaul. With 52% of Republicans voting for a complete revamping of the law and 63% of Democrats calling for only minor modifications.

Only 43% of American’s believe the law is a good idea as of right now and further, only 24% of American’s believe the law has helped their family somehow.

This data is useful as Republican lawmakers and the Trump Administration currently grapple with the daunting task of repealing and replacing such a complex plan. President Trump has claimed he will release key details of his plan to repeal and replace this Tuesday during his speech to Congress.

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