“Ryan’s Legacy Is Etched Into Eternity” Trump’s Address To Congress: A+

This is truly a new ball game. President Trump just delivered the best speech of his political career, and the best I’ve seen in my lifetime. With a complete tone change opposite of his raucous rallies, numerous moving moments were had, as President Trump announced family after family who were victims of illegal immigration crime and the introduction of Megan Crowley, a young woman who was told she wouldn’t live passed a couple of months due to a rare disease at 15 months old. She is now 20 years old, thanks to her father creating a company that created the drug that saved his daughter’s life.

The most moving moment was the 2 minute sustained standing ovation for Carryn Owens, the wife of fallen Navy SEAL and hero Ryan Owens who was killed in the first anti-terror raid of the Trump Administration in Yemen. Trump told the widow “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity.”

A lot of fantastic policy talk was had as well. Trump confirmed his support for the Republican Paul Ryan plan to repeal and replace Obamacare that has yet to be released, the creation of VOICE, an office in the Department of Homeland Security to help Victims OImmigration Crime Engagement, more focus on his infrastructure plan, calling it a “new national rebuilding” with public and private capital, to the ire of some fiscal conservatives focused on our massive debt, further confirmation of the border wall, and his terrorism prone immigrant ban. On this, Trump states “It is not compassionate, but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur.”

The only details on the Obamacare repeal and replace released were Trump’s focus on the ability to purchase insurance across state lines (which isn’t exactly new), and arguably his best line of the night was on this subject. “It must be the plan they want, not one forced on them by the government.” Also, touching on his ideas on how to bring drug prices down immediately to a standing ovation by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump also spoke to his plans on tax reform, border tariffs, our trade deficit, and fair trade. He refers to those plans as “restarting the American engine” on the economy.

Also touched on: School choice and vouchers, emphasizing the need for children to choose the best school for them whether that be “public, private, religious, or homeschool.”, and Trump’s confirmation of support to NATO, announcing that members were finally starting to pay their fair share.

Many calls to the other side of the aisle were had, as Trump threw barbs at the Democratic party, calling for unity in the best interest of the country to boos and thumbs down from party members.

Democrats rarely stood or clapped for any of these ideas, even when Trump called to support the men and women in law enforcement or protecting our constitution. Even groaning and booing when the victim families of Illegal Immigrant crime were introduced.

Trump got a little philosophical at the end, using a lot of “dream and hopes” talk that I feel didn’t connect well, but some non policy lines were uplifting nonetheless. Especially when stating “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States.”

All in all, I give this speech an A+. I couldn’t of asked for more, and even Chris Wallace of Fox News called it one of best political speeches he had ever heard any president give.


Not to mention the CNN polls:

cnn polls.png


This is truly Trump’s party, for better or worse, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

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