Kellyanne Conway Puts Her Feet On The Couch: World Stops Spinning

Kellyanne Conway, White house Counselor for the Trump Administration and first woman to run and manage a successful presidential campaign, has received scorn and finger wagging for a recent photo from the White House showing the counselor taking a picture while kneeling on a couch with her shoes on. 

Conway was taking a photo of President Trump’s meeting with representatives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities when the picture drawing controversy on White House decorum was taken.


Leftist Twitter jumped at the chance to attack Conway in every way possible on her “casual” appearance in the Oval Office, citing a lack of respect for the office and position.


But I’ll just leave this here:


Oh and this:


As you can see, this “controversy” is incredibly stupid. Instead of focusing on feet on the couch, focus on President Trump’s meeting with representatives from HBCU.

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