Goodnight Sweet Prince: RIP The Democratic Party

I hate to break it to the left, but it’s over.

In the wake of President Trump’s strong congressional performance last night during the Joint Address, the Democratic party is in it’s death throes. Donning all white in respect to women’s suffrage, it was hard not to observe prominent Democrat leaders acting as petulant children to the President’s call for unity, as their party falls to chaos.

 Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders were seen not standing or clapping during the extended ovation Carryn Owens received for the loss of her husband Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens during a military operation in Yemen. Prominent Democrats such as Michael Moore attacked this passionate moment, calling her a “prop” and the moment “disgusting” because love trumps hate or something.

Numerous boos and groans were heard from the Democrats during the introduction of families who are victims of illegal immigrant crime, some losing their sons and daughters to murder. While Trump delivered a speech for the ages, their distaste for American values were on full display and did not go unnoticed.

After being reduced to a coastal party in the election, the Left continued using identity politics to rile their base which has been decimated in terms of population and ideology. The radical, young, socialist, Sanders/Ellison/Warren left has risen as the “more stable” Pelosi/Schumer party are begging to maintain control of the reins.

Trump won 3084 out of 3141 counties in 2016

This was shown in the recent DNC chair election, as establishment favorite and former Obama Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez won on the second round of voting over Keith Ellison, who is known for his anti-Semitic attacks on Israel and defense of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, another anti-Semitic leader who claimed Jews “financed the Holocaust” and called for the killings of Jews in the Middle East.

Major Democratic players such as Senator Bernie Sanders were disheartened by the win of Tom Perez, though congratulating Perez on the win, Sanders tweeted out “It’s imperative Tom understands that the same-old, same-old isn’t working and that we must bring in working and young people in a new way.”


Prominent Democrat and Media Contributor Alan Dershowitz claimed he’d leave the Democratic party if Ellison were elected to DNC Chair, as it would be “a win for bigotry” and antisemitism. Further showing the divide between the two opposing sides of the DNC election.

Democrats are not only fighting a unified Republican government and movement, but within themselves as well. The Socialist left is stepping up pressure on the establishment to move further left, shown by their distaste for Tom Perez’s win, even calling the race “rigged”. This will alienate even more of the white working class voter Trump did so well with, demanding further reliance on minority voters that don’t reliably turn out, and the establishment knows this. Hence their attempt to stabilize with Perez. But this war between the radical and the establishment spells disaster for 2018 Congressional Elections as more Democrats are slated to lose their seats in states Trump won by large margins.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and the establishment begrudgingly comprehends this as they reach critical mass, seconds to implosion. The radical fringe of their party is pulling them further left kicking and screaming.

Data also shows the Democratic Party is viewed more unfavorably than the Republicans now as well, and to add insult to injury, #WhyILeftTheLeft was trending on Twitter today.

I simply do not see a clear pathway to bringing the party back to the Obama/Clinton establishment. The inevitable shift further left that their constituents will usher in will change the face of the party forever. Their identity politics are losing, their social programs are failing, their media protectors are not only no longer trusted, but seen as a joke. They have two options left. They must either bend to the will of the Sanders/Warren camp, or reinforce the establishment and lose their most active base. Either way, they lose. The next steps they take will be and must be instrumental in keeping the lights on. Otherwise, we may have just witnessed the night the Democratic Party succumbed to it’s wounds.

Bask in it my friends.

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