Trump Trolls Media One More Time Before Hailed Presidential Pivot

Before giving what was hailed as a pivotal presidential address to Congress, Trump had to play the media one more time. It’s in his nature, his blood. He is truly blessed by meme magic.

While meeting with prominent anchors from all major news networks, for example: Jake Tapper (CNN), Wolf Blitzer (CNN), Bret Baier (FOX), Chris Wallace (FOX), George Stephanopoulos(ABC), and many others, Trump seemed to hint at a softer stance on immigration. Shortly after, reports were flowing from every media outlet.

“Trump envisions bill allowing many immigrants to stay in US” Said one CNN report by Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer, both present at the meeting. All the stories, citing a “senior administration official”, said that the Trump Administration may be playing with the idea of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants without a criminal record.

Tweets like this were everywhere:

Outlets expected this new stance to be outlined in his congressional address, but little did they know…. The trap was set.

During the congressional address, Trump stayed on his usual message by introducing his new VOICE office for victims of illegal immigrant crime, confirmed his border wall, and denounced illegal immigration as a whole.

The media did not take this well.

“Trump’s Amnesty Talk Yesterday Was a Misdirection Play” reports quoting CNN Host John King, who wondered ” Why reporters should even trust the White House going forward.”

“Donald Trump ‘lied to journalists about softening immigration stance to manipulate coverage'” reports. Quoting CNN’s White House reporter Sara Murray: “They fed us things they thought these anchors would like, that they thought would give them positive press coverage for the next few hours”.

After Trump trolled the media at his birther event during the presidential campaign, tricking them into covering his brand new hotel and an hour of medal of honor recipients endorsing him, you’d think they’d learn who they were dealing with.

Trump knows exactly how to play the media and Fake News has no idea how to keep up.


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