WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Sent Access Request To U.S. Nuclear Weapons Secrets Over Unsecured/Hacked Email

WikiLeaks has continued it’s focus on Hillary Clinton and her illegal mishandling of classified information during the Presidential campaign. The whistle blower group recently tweeted a released email between John Podesta and aide Milia Fisher that contains secretive book documents relating to the National Nuclear Security Administration and it’s Sigma 14 and 15 training manual. This email was sent using Podesta’s personal unsecured gmail account.


In this training manual, steps on how to identify classified information regarding Nuclear Weapon Data (NWD), which information is to be deemed classified, processes regarding NWD, and even the processes to receiving levels of clearance to see said data.

Office phone numbers and unclassified emails for numerous officials from the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration are also listed.

This email was one of thousands given to WikiLeaks during the hack of John Podesta’s unsecured private email account during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Why John Podesta was receiving Nuclear Weapon information is still a mystery.

The link to the email and it’s full context is here:


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