FUNDRAISER: “Based Stick Man” Needs Your Help! Local Man Defends Trump Supporters Against Violent Antifa Attack

*UPDATE 3/6/2017* Kyle Chapman has been released on $5,000 bail paid for and raised by our WeSearchr efforts! He still must defend himself in court. The bounty has reached $44,245!

You can watch his thank you video on Twitter HERE



Kyle Chapman, or “Based Stick Man” needs your help.

Reported by WeSearchr: ”

Goal of Bounty On Saturday, March 4, 2017, left-wing ANTIFA terrorists descended on the March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley, California.

They egged a man holding a ‘House the Homeless’ sign and even pepper-sprayed an elderly Trump supporter in the face.

All this just a month after the violent, George Soros-funded ANTIFA riot in Berkeley over Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speech at UC Berkeley — when police “refused to intervene” and only one suspect was arrested.

But all hope was not lost: enter Based Stick Man.

Defending free speech with a helmet, gas mask, shield emblazoned with the American flag, and a big long stick, Based Stick Man held back the hordes of ANTIFA terrorists trying to shut down the March 4 Trump event.

Until the Berkeley Police decided to arrest him. And charge him with up to 6 felonies.

His name is Kyle Chapman. He defended us. Let’s defend him back.

The very First Amendment to the U.S. constitution guarantees the right of every American citizen to free speech.

This includes the right to speech that doesn’t agree with radical leftism, which is exactly why radical leftist terrorists and their lackeys have been shutting down free speech by conservatives and right-wingers all over the place.

Arbitrary Twitter bans.

College “speech codes” and “hate speech” legislation.

And of course, violent assault and mass rioting, with complicity from the local left-wing city or college administration and law enforcement.

All of these things are part of a single campaign to undermine and destroy the First Amendment so that opposition to radical leftism disappears.

The GoFundMe for Kyle Chapman’s legal defense was immediately BANNED. What a coincidence. We’re stepping in, just like we stepped in for another pro-Trump activist hospitalized by ANTIFA in Berkeley last month.

It’s time to fight back — head on.

The funds collected in this bounty will be used to provide for the legal defense of “Based Stick Man”, identified as Kyle Chapman, 41, of California, previously Texas, as well as financial assistance for his family if need be. Chapman has been charged with up to 6 felonies in Berkeley, California.

We are in touch with Kyle Chapman’s wife, his friends, and the organizer of the March 4 Trump and they have officially endorsed this fundraiser, which will not disappear, unlike on GoFundMe or PayPal.”

Here, You see Kyle Chapman fighting back against a literal onslaught of people. This was clearly self defense.

Kyle Chapman helped defend numerous people exercising their right to assemble peacefully from Antifa rioters who pepper sprayed and assaulted the elderly and others.

If you can, help the “Based Stick Man”. As I write this, $11,733 has been raised so far for his legal defense.

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