Italian Prime Minister Calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “UnF*ckable Lard-Arse”

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister was caught on tape referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel  as “Culona Inchiavabile” or “Unfuckable Lard-Arse” during a July phone call with an Italian journalist that was recorded by police.

The calls were recorded as part of an investigation into the Prime Minister’s alleged role in a prostitution and extortion plot tied to his “bunga bunga” sex parties, where prostitutes and famous Italian actresses are guests.

One notorious party had women kissing a giant penis statue while singing the Prime Ministers name. He would lure women to these “bunga bunga” parties with promises of job prospects.

In the same call, Berlusconi is heard calling Italy a “shitty country” that “sickened him”.



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