Liberal Hypocrisy: Does President Trump “Want To Kill Big Bird”? No.

President Trump’s 2018 “America First” budget plan that increased defense spending and reduced social programs, showed a gutting of both the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities while also privatizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 

Concern for the privatization of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides funds to both PBS and NPR, led many to ask if Trump was shutting both entities down entirely. This led to a massive liberal outcry everywhere, claiming Trump was attacking children and low income families by shutting down PBS, and in connection, Sesame Street.


Jimmy Kimmel also had a segment on his late night show where President Trump “fires” Big Bird, The Apprentice style.

What the Left doesn’t seem to understand is that Sesame Street struck a deal with HBO in 2015. It will be alive and well for many years to come under private distribution, as Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street’s parent company) is worth $350 million dollars.

Specifically, this cut to NEA will save the American government $150 million dollars and with a $20 trillion dollar debt hanging over us, President Trump is making the tough decisions. We cannot fund every program that “sounds nice” if we are to tackle the debt that will eventually collapse our economy.

Now, stop crying. PBS only airs reruns. Big Bird lives.

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