TERROR IN LONDON: Attack On Westminster Bridge and Parliament Leave 5 Dead

Editors Note: Title and content has been changed to reflect increased number of casualties

Around 10am EST, a man plowed through a crowd of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then crashed his 4×4 vehicle into a gate outside the Parliament building injuring at least 10 with “catastrophic injuries”, and killing at least five, in London, UK.

The assailant, described as a “middle aged man carrying a 7-8′ inch knife” then entered Parliament grounds and stabbed one police officer to death before being shot three times and taken into custody alive.

terrosit london

This attack falls on the one year anniversary of the Brussels airport terrorist attack, though the connection is not confirmed. Anniversaries are often used as significant dates to carry out more terrorist attacks.

FLASHBACK: London Mayor Sadiq Khan says “Terror attacks ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city

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Parliament has been suspended and President Trump has been notified of the attack. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility as of now, but Fox News reports that “ISIS chatter” has increased on multiple terrorist linked channels, and many ISIS-sympathizers have celebrated the attacks. Terrorist groups have been urging supporters to use vehicles as an easy way to commit lone-wolf attacks.

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Speculation of more than one assailant is around, but not confirmed. More updates to come.

——————- UPDATE ——————- 1:58PM EST 3/22/2017

London Metro police confirming “There are a number of causalities, including police officers” but no definitive number has been released.

police tweet.png

——————- UPDATE ——————- 2:03pm EST 3/22/2017

4 confirmed dead, including a police officer and the terrorist, at least 20 injured.

london police tweet 2.png

——————- UPDATE ——————- 2:20PM EST 3/22/2017

We are getting unconfirmed reports that the alleged terrorist has been identified as Hate preacher Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks).

london terrorist.png


——————- UPDATE ——————- 4:15PM EST 3/22/2017

Reports circulating that Abu Izzadeen is actually NOT the attacker, is still in jail. Suspect still unidentified.

terrosit london.png

——————- UPDATE ——————- 7:11PM EST 3/22/2017

a 5th person has been confirmed dead now in this terrorist attack reports Fox News.

fox terrorist london 2.png

——————- UPDATE ——————- 9:29AM EST 3/23/2017

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack through their Amaq news agency.

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