Did Trump Just Subtweet Ryan? Judge Jeanine Calls For Ryan To Step Down

What a time to be alive. A sitting U.S. President has now subtweeted the Speaker of the House of his own party.

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump vaguely tweeted to watch Fox News’ Judge Jeanine’s show at 9:00pm out of nowhere.

trump tweet 2.png

What was the focus on Judge Jeanine’s show tonight? She was touching on the explosive wiretap revelations by House Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, but opened with the failure of Paul Ryan’s health care bill and openly demanded he step down.

Did Trump give us a glimpse into the future? He’s known for publicly shaming his enemies and taking them through a media circus. Example: Mitt Romney

And as he told Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, to those who don’t endorse him or who fail him like Paul Ryan just did, Trump will “Never forget”

Some advice to Speaker Ryan in Trump’s own words: Be careful!

trump tweet 3.png


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