Nationwide Trump Marches Clash With Antifa Rioters

Saturday, the nation erupted in support of President Trump with marches spanning the county, most notably Philadelphia, PA and Huntington Beach, CA, where fights broke out. Antifa rioters clashed with police and supporters of President Trump, using pepper spray, rocks, flares, and batons.

Trump took to Twitter to thank his supporters for the show of love.

trump tweet.png

The marches were reportedly peaceful until Antifa arrived.


An article on revealed that this “counter” riot had been planned ahead, as well as a listing on, a website where “activists” can organize their events, was created and issued this statement and flyer.

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Conservative Twitter personality and citizen journalist Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) documented many of the outbreaks of violence in Philly on his twitter page.


Arrests occurred when violence between supporters and rioters exploded.

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Violence is never the answer, but picking a fight with the most heavily armed population of this country, the American Right, may not be a good choice. As the Left actually calls for violence, some on the Right revel in the fight:

Antifa hasn’t seemed to realize that shutting down ones free speech and right to peacefully assemble isn’t fighting fascism, it is fascism. This will not end well for you.

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P.S. If you have to cover your face and commit violence, YOU’RE NOT THE GOOD GUYS.


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