HATE HOAX: Gay Organist Admits To “HEIL TRUMP” Graffiti On Own Church

Twenty-six year old George Nathaniel Stang, an organist for the St. Davids Episcopal Church admitted to the authorities he was behind the “Heil Trump” graffiti left on the church back in November.

Stang was quoted that he “did not vandalize the church out of hate, but rather, out of a misguided attempt to spur people to action after the election left him afraid for his future.” He was arrested Wednesday on a charge of institutional criminal mischief, a Class A misdemeanor.


George Nathaniel Stang

“I’m very sad to have created more hate in a world that already has too much hate,” Stang told the Indianapolis Star. “The congregation doesn’t deserve it, the emotional turmoil I put them through.”


George Stang called Rev. Kelsey Hutto at 8 a.m. on Nov. 13 to report the church was vandalized with hate and anti-gay speech, including “Heil Trump,” sparking fear in the church and plenty of media attention. Ironic, as Stang has come out as gay as well.


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