FLASHBACK: Meet The Globalist Rothschild Bilderberg Banker Elected President Of France

Emmanuel Macron has been elected president of France over the nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen. Here is what you need to know about the real Emmanuel Macron.

  1. Macron was groomed from day one by Rothschild partners for political life.

First reported by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com “Contrary to media myths about a “white knight” who came out of nowhere to save France, this character has had his eye on high political office for at least a decade. Indeed, it appears Macron has been groomed by powerful financiers for a very long time. As the FT also notes:

The graduate of ENA [Macron], the elite school that breeds France’s future leaders, came recommended by powerful alumni of the institution, including François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner. But young bankers were not so impressed.”

Yet it wasn’t just a Rothschild sponsor who took the young Macron under his wing…

What Mr Macron lacked in technical knowledge and jargon at first, he made up for with contacts in government, says Sophie Javary, head of BNP Paribas’ corporate finance in Europe, who was asked by Mr Henrot to coach Mr Macron in the first year.

This is straight up bizarre. It appears Macron was so important to banking interests the had to form a consortium of firms to all pitch in to help him out. Yet it gets stranger still

On the Atos deal, Mr Macron “had a fairly junior role at the time — he would be asked to redo the financial models on Excel, the basics,” recalled an adviser. But a few days after the deal was announced, Mr Macron was made a partner. A few months later, he stunned colleagues and rivals by winning a role in Nestlé’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations.

As someone who spent ten years on Wall Street, I can tell you with certainty that you don’t go from updating excel models at a junior level to partner overnight. Someone extraordinarily powerful was pulling all sorts of strings for this guy. There seems to be little doubt about this.

2. Macron is a member of the highly secretive globalist Bilderberg group.

As reported by the French outlet Nouvelordremondial.cc, Macron was a participant of the Bilderberg group meetings in 2014.

3. Macron is pro open borders and Islamic migration.

Reported by TheRebel.media, in the #MacronLeaks documents hacked and released before the French election by 4Chan and confirmed by WikiLeaks, Macron had documents with plans on how to best integrate Islamic migrants into the French population, and how to take in more. This would effectively be the Islamization of France, in which they already have a massive problem.

When the #MaconLeaks were released, French media were prohibited from reporting on them and even gleefully took part in the censorship of these documents to shield Macron from scrutiny.


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