LOCAL ALERT: WNEU Targets Lacrosse Players For Pro-Trump Instagram Post

Western New England University is “reviewing and addressing the issue” regarding a lacrosse player and her teammates Instagram post celebrating Cinco De Mayo and President Trump, after it was posted on Facebook by another student.

Jordan Mieko, a WNEU student, posted screenshots of the Instagram post on her Facebook with the caption “Problematic racist yt people @ my school”


This “highly problematic” and “racist” Instagram post? A female WNEU lacrosse team celebrating Cinco De Mayo with the caption “Dear Mr. Trump, glad you didn’t build that wall JUST YET. Happy Mexican St.Paddys day.” and “Build That Wall.”

The post, identified as by being from Rachel Canning, supported President Trump and his immigration policies, which the majority of American’s support. 55% of Americans support President Trump’s immigration ban, found by a Politico/MorningConsult poll. Pew research from 2014 show that a vast majority of Americans want tighter border security, in which Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are delivering on.

Western New England University Vice President for Marketing and External Affairs Barbara Moffat told the Daily Hampshire Gazette that the school administrators are reviewing the posts and are “addressing the matter with those involved.”

“As a multicultural campus, Western New England University cherishes its diversity and firmly believes that all members of the campus community should be treated with civility and respect at all times,” Moffat told the Gazette. “The University is firmly committed to addressing all bias-based incidents, including behavior that creates an unwelcoming and hostile environment.”

Another University that supports “diversity”, just not diversity of thought. You cannot show support for your president or conservative policy without getting “addressed” by WNEU.


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