LOCAL ALERT: Chicopee MA Police Investigating Shots Fired On Lucretia Ave

As reported by 22news, “Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News detectives were called to the intersection of Lucretia Avenue and Tourtellotte Avenue just after 5 p.m. Thursday night for a report of shots fired.” One young person was injured by a ricochet bullet.

A young person had to be taken to the hospital, after being struck by bullet that ricocheted during the shooting. The victim had been inside a vehicle that was shot at on Lucretia.

Wilk says that the age and gender of the victim, who is only being described as a “juvenile,” is not being released as police continue their investigation. The exact nature of the victim’s injury is also not being disclosed.

Wilk told 22News that the victims and witnesses to the shooting are not cooperating with them, and they have little information on what exactly took place. On the department’s official Facebook page, Wilk issued a plea for anyone with details to come forward to police.

“Folks, this type of reckless shooting affects EVERYONE in the area. Innocent bystanders, children, can be struck by stray bullets. The worst thing to do is to keep helpful information secret. Next time you, or a loved one, could become a victim, with a worse outcome. If you have information, come forward,” Wilk wrote.

Chicopee has seen an increase in violent crimes over the years, with recent years being higher than the U.S. Average in every category.


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Source: City-Data.com



Read the full story on 22News –> Here!

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